I am available for private photographic instruction on the field. I am happy to share my expertise in landscape photography as well as my passion for the different areas of the Pacific Northwest. These types of on-the field classes include a digital darkroom session that will help you with developing your images. These are aimed at both: a beginner looking to get started photographing landscapes or an intermediate with specific goals in mind.

My full day rate is $500 daily for one participant. An additional $300 per additional participants, up to 4 people. Please contact me privately to discuss further.    

Photoshop tutorial for Photographers


For those seeking to advance their digital darkroom techniques, I am happy to share my 16+ years of experience using Photoshop. Lessons take place over Skype for video chat and more importantly to share my screen with you. * Requirements: a broadband connection, a mic (internal or external), Photoshop, a clear set of goals or things that you would like to accomplish during our time together.

$75 per hour

If you are interested, please contact me and let me know what type of instruction are you interested in    

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