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Join Pacific Northwest photographers Howard Snyder and Dustin Wong for a weekend tour along the Olympic Peninsula. The tour is the weekend of Oct 7th – 8th with a bonus sunset session on Friday, Oct 6th if you wish to arrive by 5pm. The tour will conclude Sunday, Oct 8th after sunset (this should be enough time to allow you to catch a late ferry back to Seattle Sunday night).

The tour will focus on the classic coastal locations at ideal tides, and the awe-inspiring rainforests of the Hoh, Queets, and Quinault. You will be guided to captivating photo subjects in the forests, which can be quite difficult to find oneself on a short trip. The knowledge of these locations is the result of years of experience photographing the region. If you want to make the most out of a trip to the peninsula, this tour will guarantee that you visit the best spots the peninsula has to offer.

Lodging, transportation, and meals are not included. The town of Forks, WA is centrally located to all the locations we will visit, making it an ideal location. In order to help simplify your planning a list of recommended, affordable and clean hotel options in Forks will be provided.

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What To Bring & Other Miscellaneous Info

• Please bring all necessary camera gear. This includes, but is not limited to:

- A DSLR with manual control and the ability to change lenses is highly recommended, and something that will allow for the most creative freedom. We advise that you make yourself familiar with all controls in your camera. Including bracketing, focusing, live view, etc.

- Lenses: We suggest that you bring lenses that will cover a focal length of at least 16mm on a full frame camera, up to a 70-200mm lens if you have it. The range covered in my camera bag is 14-200mm spread across three different lenses

- Tripod: because of light conditions in the dense forest, or high dynamic range during sunsets along the coast, a tripod is an absolute necessity

- Miscellaneous accessories: Batteries, batteries, batteries. We can't stress this enough. A remote trigger, plenty of memory cards, lens cleaning wipes and other items that you generally have when shooting

- Clothing and Footwear: It is hard to predict the weather in the Olympic Peninsula, but it is important to be prepared for rain and cold. As far as shoes is concerned, be sure to wear something that is waterproof and comfortable, and that offers proper foot and ankle support

- Snacks: There is a supermarket in Forks, where you can buy most everything that you may need. Given that we will be out shooting all day, it is important that you carry enough snacks/food items that will sustain you through the day. Energy bars, trail mix, etc. Also plenty of water to last you throughout the day

• Participants will drive themselves to each location. It is encouraged for  participants to carpool with each other as much as possible and minimize our impact.

• Please note that some hiking will be necessary to reach the destinations, but never to exceed 2 miles in one direction. A moderate level of fitness is recommended.

In general, the tour will visit locations for sunrise and sunset for the best light. If conditions permit we will shoot throughout the day. Your guides prefer not to have an itinerary and instead will monitor weather conditions to determine the best locations to shoot at. This flexibility allows the tour to visit locations under lighting conditions that will be more enjoyable and rewarding photographically.

All levels of photography experience are welcome! Both of your guides are experienced camera instructors and can cover a wide range of topics: focus stacking, hyperfocal distance, exposing for highlights, high dynamic range scenes, sunstars, ND & grad filters, composition theories, plus tips on developing your intuition. In order to jam as much photography content in a weekend as possible, a group post processing instruction session will also be provided!

Payment & Terms

* Total amount due is $500 per person

* A $200 deposit is needed to hold your spot. The deposit is fully refundable prior to September 1st. Full payment is required by Oct 4th

PLEASE CONTACT US if you have any questions!

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