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Wishing It All Away

Here's another shot from a recent trip to Rainier. I had planned this shot basically all day. Not really in terms of thinking about it, but rather making a decision to work some long exposures during the shooting times of the day.

This is a 4 minutes exposure, with the lowest ISO settings in my D610. The reason to do this, was mainly because this was shot about 10-15 minutes after sunset and there was still too much light, and I wanted a darker feel.

I would've liked windier conditions to get more action in the sky, but that wasn't meant to be this time around. But I'm not too concerned, I like the shot, and I know I can improve on it going forward.

If you like my work and would like to learn how to process your work, message me privately. I teach my entire workflow via screen sharing on Skype!

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