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As a landscape photographer, I spend many hours hiking, traveling and researching locations to create images that are compelling and that connect with the public. I know this not only applies to landscape photographers, but probably anyone doing creative work. Whether it's making photographs, sketching, painting or recording music.

As creatives, we want to make sure that our work is created using the best materials and equipment. For someone like me, that means, having a great camera, high quality lenses, a sturdy tripod, a cable release or remote to trigger my camera. When I process my files, I make sure that I stay on top of the latest techniques to get the most out of my raw files and my aim is to produce stunning master files from which I can print large format prints, either for myself (not very often) or for my clients (very often).

One of the things that is really apparent to me when seeing other people's work online, is that they do not know how to properly optimize their images for display on the web. The end result is very poor quality that detracts from the experience of seeing someone else's work.

The main issue, without a doubt is sharpening. Most people simply do not know how to properly sharpen their files. I see a tendency to over sharpen, where files have a very "crunchy" look. There's halos  and /or digital artifacts all over the image. Or worse, the files are not even sharpened and they look soft and blurry. In either case, I lose interest in the work because there's a distracting element.


Sharpening For The Web

There are many ways to sharpen your files properly and that depends on the type of shot and what qualities do we want to emphasize. But below is a short video tutorial that will show you a quick and easy way to properly size and sharpen your images for final output for the web. On this video, I am using as an example, a final size of 700 pixels on the long side, but you have to do your research and figure out where is that you will be posting or sharing your work: it it going on Facebook? is it going on 500px or will you be emailing your image to someone else?

So, check the video and if you have questions feel free to ask!
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