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Landscape Photography Tutorial - In Depth Look At My Processing $65

landscape photography tips before and after

This processing tutorial video for landscape photographers, will provide an inside look at how I achieve the look on my images. This is an opportunity to watch me work from opening RAW files in Lightroom and then move on to photoshop to really bring them to life. You will see step by step, all the tools and techniques to create stunning master files. All at your own pace, and for a fraction of the cost of private one on one instruction. Techniques covered in this video are RAW processing for focus stacking, aligning and blending layers, creating luminosity masks, creating mood and atmosphere, color work, texture enhancement, among others. Even though most photographers will find something new and unique, I highly advice at least a moderate understanding of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Video tutorials consist of over 90 minutes of content, and include scaled down versions of the same files I work on during the video. Tutorials are delivered via secure web download and are mp4 format.

HDR Tutorial

Extended Dynamic Range $60

HDR Tutorial
On this photography photoshop tutorial video I will show you how I use these 3 exposures to create a single master file. The adjustments are all done on Lightroom 4 or Adobe Camera Raw for basic raw preparation and Photoshop (CS5 and up).

These photoshop photography tutorials will show you a way to overcome the limitations of cameras while record high dynamic range scenes.  These Photoshop for Photographers techniques include raw processing, Photoshop adjustments, exposure blending and luminosity masking and they are not only useful for blending multiple exposures but also to do single image editing.

These tutorials do not use HDR software and are not about creating high dynamic range images but to work with Extended Dynamic Range. The techniques are all based on Photoshop adjustments and layer masking techniques. Proficiency with Photoshop CS is required given that the tools used are Photoshop CS, not Photoshop Elements or any other image processing software.

Video tutorials consist of 100 minutes of content. Tutorials are delivered via secure web download and are mp4 format.



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I watched the tutorials and I'm very happy with the purchase. I'm just an amateur and beginner in photography and post production so this is pretty advanced stuff but I will watch it again and I look forward to putting it into practice. I just started taking this hobby seriously last month when I got myself a second-hand 5D Mark II and now I'm trying to learn as much as I can in order to be able to produce natural looking pictures that hopefully will have some "wow" factor :) I've played around with Photomatix Pro but I haven't been too happy with the results. I condsider the $37 money well spent and I'm sure it will help me in the quest of producing better looking images when I've had some time to practice this technique. After all it's the outcome that matters so it would be silly to spend thousands of dollars on camera gear and not be willing to spend a few bucks  to aquire knowledge and learn stuff that can really make a difference on the outcome. Eyþór Sigurðsson
‎1st Round of watching Howard's extended dynamic range tutorial video complete. I think I need to recharge my head, LR is like preschool compared to photoshop! I think Howard did a great job of taking the time to really explain things so people like myself can pick up on it. I will take these skills with me in my editing moving forward as well as in my shooting. I believe I will now look more at things in a dynamic range sorta way, something I think is very important in black and white work. Howard thanks for making the video it was well worth the $37
Ken Van Pelt

I spent 2 hours learning from Howard. At first I was a little worried that I was going to feel overwhelmed by all the technical stuff. But he was very clear and patient with me throughout our 2 hours together. It was incredible for me to see how he works on my files and brings them to life. I was thinking that perhaps my pictures were not looking that interesting because I needed a better camera. In reality, I had no idea that I could get so much colors and details from my own picture files. And the session wasn't too technical or intimidating. Each question I had was clearly answered. I have so much to practice to really be able to master what Howard taught me today. I am very happy I decided to go for it!
-Isabelle Gibson.
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