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Real Estate Photography in Seattle

Real estate drone footage seattle

Howard Snyder offers real estate photography services in the greater Seattle area and around the Pacific Northwest, for real estate, construction sites and other commercial applications. 

In addition to licensing stock images and footage, I am also available for shooting commissioned pieces and commercial content.

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* REAL ESTATE: showcase your listings from a complete new perspective, and show your potential buyers their dream home in a unique way. I offer both traditional real estate photography, as well as Aerial videos and photos, which are the new standard for hi-end real estate photography in the Seattle area. See Pricing
* CONSTRUCTION: Monitor your construction progress with a bird’s eye view. Provide weekly or monthly updates to your clients with aerial videos and photos.
* MARKETING: Promote your business with stunning aerial photos and videos. Great for golf courses, resorts, and many other industries

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The Orchard at Three Rivers

Howard Snyder Real Estate Photography provides:

+ Professional Real Estate Photography in Seattle and nearby areas

+ HDR and sky swaps when needed

+ High-quality video tours using interior, exterior and aerial footage

According to, 92 percent of homebuyers use the Internet as part of their home search. That means that listing photos are a critical factor. They will:

A. Determine the selling price of a home

B. How quickly it sells and whether it sells at all

Also, according to a joint study between the National Association of Realtors and Google:

+ 90% searched online for their home-buying research

+ 60% of the time is spent looking at listing photos and videos, and only

+ 20% each on agent and listing description

+ 28% used their mobile devices, and

+ 56% cited photos and/or videos as a deciding factor to call or not to schedule a viewing

5 Benefits of hiring a Pro Real Estate Photographer

1. Generate Leads: listings with pro photos generate an average of 61% more views than lisitngs with point and shoot of cell phone photos

2. Sell More Consistently: Homes above $300K, are more likely to sell when using pro photos

3. Sell For More: In 2010, Redfin surveyed MLS systems around the U.S. and discovered that listings with professional photography sold for higher prices than their counterparts (READ MORE HERE). On the low end ($200k to $300k asking price) these listings sold for an average of $935 more. On the high end ($1m and above) the average increase was $116,076. Listings in-between these extremes typically saw an increase of $5000-$20,000

4. Peace of Mind For Your Clients: using pro photography for your listings lets your customers know that you are committed to the excellent presentation of their property

5. Attract New Clients: Listings with pro photos, showcase your professionalism and marketing savvy to potential customers.

In other words, not only can we help you sell your listing faster, but by using our services, we can potentially help you, get your next client as well!

We understand that your business demands you, to stand out in a rapidly changing market. With the ability to capture aerial video and photos, HDR stills, video tours, and even 360⁰ panoramas, we can help your listings get real results.

Professional photography for your listings should not be an afterthought. Many agents are using their iPhone to take pictures for their listings. Without the proper equipment and know-how, capturing the very best aspects of any property is virtually impossible. Spacious rooms become small, dark and uninviting; windows with amazing views, become walls of dingy light; stunning architecture warps into distorted lines and angles.

Agents who outsource photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. Only 35% of agents use professional photographers (yeah, let that sink in...)


UAV or drone video is gaining in popularity these days because of the unique perspectives that can be brought to your project. You are now able to incorporate aerial videos and photos to almost any project, in a very affordable way, without sacrificing quality. Some benefits of aerial videos include:

• According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

• Unbounce reports that including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%

• 90% of user say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process

• According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

• 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.

Also, Zillow posted this article on the benefits of using drones for real estate, which claims that "Drones are here to stay..."

construction site drone footage seattleEQUIPMENT WE USE

Howard Snyder uses state of the art photography and UAV equipment to produce awe-inspiring imagery.
We capture fully stabilized HD and 4K aerial cinema quality video, that will exceed all your expectations, while keeping your costs affordable.

We use full frame
 Nikon pro cameras and lenses, that will cover a range from 14mm all the way up to 200mm. For our aerial work we rely upon DJI Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter, and for interior, stabilized shots we use DJI Osmo gimbal 4K camera

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