Mountains - Howard Snyder Fine Art Photography

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Vicky's Visit

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This is the Tatoosh Range in Mount Rainier National Park. The Tatoosh range is pretty awesome, pretty much anytime of the year. Whether it's snow covered or bare like in this shot.

This is a reprocess of an older file. In fact, I was still shooting with my Canon 60D and the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. Originally, I had bracketed the shot to blend exposures. But in reality, there's more than enough information on a single exposure to get all the dynamic range intact.

Why reprocess an old file? as I learn and experiment new techniques and different approach to developing my images, I find that sometimes previous work, is not up to current standards and it can be improved. Sometimes it can't and you just throw it away. Fortunately this isn't the case! But, it's the third time I've processed this file in an 18 month span and I'm ready to call it the definitive edition.