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Another image from a recent trip to Olympic National Park. I met up with my pals Bryan Swan and Peter Coskun for a few days to shoot the coast and rainforest. Also take the opportunity to meet Peter in person, who was on a massive road trip from Arizona.

The three of us had been skunked big time the day before and we had been exploring along the Hoh River trail during the final morning that the three of us would be together, until Peter and I split up to a different area. One that had proven to be pretty fruitful the year before. And it didn't disappoint!

While showing Peter this really cool maple vine, I figured I'd try a different composition, particularly because I wanted to emphasize a patch of oxalis being lit by the sun. Kinda like a ballet dancer on stage, while dancing a solo. Also, I was getting out of the way for him who was working with a different take on the same location.

It was also pretty disturbing to notice how many trees had been chopped off by all the logging done in the area in merely a year. Quite a dramatic change and pretty disheartening to say the least. But, since this area is not part of the National Park system, it's not protected and I guess it's fair game.

Anyway, I would be grateful if you can help me share my work with family and friends. I also encourage and welcome your comments!

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